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Kicking-off your thesis in the NBP group


Conceivable projects

So you are interested in pursuing your BSc/MSc/PhD work in the NBP group?
This typically involves YOU, a PhD student or Postdoc (co-supervising the project) and myself.
The initiative might be taken by any of the three:


  1. YOU contact a PhD student/Postdoc working on a project of interest. You meet, discuss and come up with a proposal what could be done. The two of you contact me. We meet all three, discuss your proposal, revise it, discard it, reinvent it, whatever and finally agree. Then the work starts ...
  2. YOU contact me. We meet and discuss options. We get in a PhD student/Postdoc, discuss further and finally agree on something. Then the work starts ...
  3. A Phd student/Postdoc and I cook up some project idea, discuss it and announce it on the web. YOU read it, like it (to a certain degree) and contact us. We meet, discuss, agree. And then the work starts ...


Best regards, Peter König