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Contact - FAQs


Please find below a list of FAQ topics together with some recommendations and names of persons to contact for your specific issues:

Lab RotationPlease enroll yourself in the lab rotation course 8.3017 on StudIP and check out our website for detailed information. N.N.labrotation_at_uos_de
Onboarding of new nbp membersIf you want to write your bachelor, master or doctorate thesis under Peter König's supervision or co-supervision, please contact him first. The onboarding steps (getting you on our mailing list, StudIP "nbp internal", website etc.) come next, and Julia Reuter will be your contact then.Julia Reuterjulreuter_at_uos_dot_de
Acknowledgements of foreign coursesPlease, first check out our website for detailed information. Peter Königpkoenig_at_uos_dot_de
AC lecture and seminar Questions ranging from: "When and where will the next exam or re-exam take place?", "How can I apply?", "What is my grade?" etc.Peter Königpkoenig_at_uos_dot_de
Business trips (applications and reimbursement) If you want to go on a business trip, you need to get Peter König's ok first. After that, there are lots of bureaucratic steps to do: Most important is to submit your application form early on! You will find all the relevant documents in the UOS intranet, accessible with your LDAP Account: D.3/Downloads/ReisekostenPeter Königpkoenig_at_uos_dot_de
HiWisIf you want to become a HiWi in the nbp or would like to continue your contract, Peter König is your first contact. The mandatory timesheet has to be submitted (signed hard copy) to Ms Eibisch at the end of each working month. Peter Königpkoenig_at_uos_dot_de
Oral examsPlease, first check out our website for detailed information. Peter Königpkoenig_at_uos_dot_de
Reimbursement of expenses (specifically for experiments)Please, fill in the attached form and then submit it (as a signed hard copy) to Peter König for his signature. After that, please, hand the form over to Ms Eibisch.Peter Königpkoenig_at_uos_dot_de
TranspondersThe application form for a transponder can be downloaded here. Please, submit it as a duly signed hard copy to Julia Reuter who will get it signed. She will then contact you and let you know the further proceedings. Peter Königpkoenig_at_uos_dot_de

This FAQ list is under construction and will be extended along with the demand. If, for now, your specific question is not answered with the above information, please contact Prof. König directly (pkoenig_at_uos_dot_de).