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Welcome to the Ethics and Critical Theories of AI research group!

What do we study?

We work on contemporary critical philosophy of the digital, engaging with what is socially and politically at stake in the AI-driven transformation of our societies. The approach we choose integrates ethics, critique, social philosophy, philosophy of technology and media studies of AI. Our understanding of the term "ethics" is broad, usually including a focus on structures of power and exploitation. In our interdisciplinary approach, ethics takes the form of social critique, critique of digital capitalism or critique of subjectivity in the digital world.

Who are we?

An inclusive working atmosphere, gender equality, and consideration of the needs of young scientists with children are particularly important to us.

The Ethics and Critical Theories of AI research group consists of Prof. Rainer Mühlhoff and his team. For details regarding Rainer’s ongoing work, please see also Rainer’s website.

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Our current topics include:

  • Structural effects of AI
  • Geneologies and ethics of chatbots
  • Privacy and data protection in the context of big data and AI
  • Intersectionality and anti-discrimination in digital technology
  • AI capitalism and the digital economy
  • Poststructuralism and digital subjectivity
  • Interface theory and critical media philosophy of Human-Machine interaction

Join our discussion! Even if you are not based in Osnabrück.

Our weekly research colloquium and most of our teaching is in English and hybrid – you can participate remotely.