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Lectures SS 2019:

  • Action & Cognition II: Higher Cognitive Functions, lecture (8.3057)
  • Action & Cognition II: Visual System, seminar (8.3058)
  • Action & Cognition II: Computational Cognition, seminar (8.3397)
  • Experimental Design in Unity/VR, block seminar (8.3398)
  • Study project:
    "Sensory Augmentation in VR (Part II)" ( 8.3338)
  • Lab Rotation (8.3017)
  • Quest (Independent Study Course), internship (8.3075)

For details (schedule, rooms etc.) and enrolling please check out StudIP!



Regular courses:


Please find below a general list of NBP lectures and seminars (past, current, upcoming) as well as of some courses that are tightly associated with NBP, lay important foundations or proceed to more advanced topics, and are open to our students. Again, for more detailed information you may use the StudIP interface to access the wealth of lecture notes and papers available for this term and also for former ones.


  • Action & Cognition, Lecture by P König (winter & summer / Bachelor, 2nd year)
    (For some years now, AC1 and AC2 lectures have been video recorded regularly. You will find them termwise on StudIP ; thus you can still watch lessons you missed and may also follow-up past ones repeatedly for easy exam preparation.)
  • Action & Cognition, Seminar by P König (winter & summer / Bachelor, 2nd year)
  • Action & Cognition, Exercises by P König (winter & summer / Bachelor 2nd year)
  • Advanced topics in Action & Cognition, Reading Club by P König (continuous / Bachelor, 3rd year & up)
  • Colloquium of the Institute of Cognitive Science, external speakers (continuous / all)
  • Lab Rotation, Practical by all teachers (continuous / Master)
  • Functional Neuroanatomy, Lecture by R Brandt (Bachelor, 2nd year)
  • Introduction to Neurobiology, Lecture by G Jeserich (Bachelor, 1st year)
  • Lernen, Gedächtnis, Motivation, Seminar by T Gruber (2nd year)


Irregular courses that are offered only from time to time:

Models of Attention, Seminar by P König (Master)
Good Gaze, Real time prediction of human overt attention, Study project by P König (Master)
Re-evaluating Libet’s Experiments, Seminar by A Stephan, P König & H Gust (Master)
Meaning, vision and situation, Study Project by P König & P Bosch (Master)
Numerical Analysis in the Neurosciences, Seminar & Practical by P König & M.B. Kallenrode: (Bachelor, 2nd year & up)
High-level Natural Scene Processing, Seminar by A Acik & N Nortmann (Master)
Neural coding, Seminar + Practice by D Weiller & S Onat (Master)
Visual Motion: Illusion and phenomena, Seminar by U Ansorge (Master)
EEG of Visual Processing, Practial by H.P.Frey (Master)
Efficient Coding, Seminar by M Bethge (Master)
Baysian Inference in Stereo Vision, Seminar by R Narashima (Master)
Probability Theory: From Extended Logic to Applications in Cognitive Science, Seminar by T Betz, N Wilming and P König (Bachelor, 2nd year)
Interdisciplinary Course: Neuroscientific approaches to consciousness, Seminar by A Acik, J Ossandón, T Kietzmann and P König (Bachelor, 3rd year and up)
Osnabrück Computational Cognition Alliance Meetig (OCCAM 2011) on Natural Computation in Hierarchies
(22-24 June 2011), International Workshop
by F Jäkel, G Pipa and P König (Bachelor, 3rd year & up)
A hands-on introduction to modern brain-computer interface design, Seminar by C Kothe (Master)
Osnabrück Computational Cognition Alliance Meetig (OCCAM 2012) on The Brain as an Information Processing System (4-6 June 2012), International Workshop by F Jäkel, G Pipa and P König (Bachelor, 3rd year & up) Cognitive Developmental Psychology, Seminar by M Kempter, AL Gert and P König (Bachelor, 5th year)


For any further questions or more details, please drop a line to pkoenig_at_uos_dot_de