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Recent Academic Publications

Up-to-date lists of recent academic publications are maintained by each workgroup.

On the left you can find a list of our workgroups. Here are some direct links to publication lists:

PICS - Publications of the Institute of Cognitive Science

 The Publications of the Institute of Cognitive Science is a series hosted by OsnaDocs, the university's institutional repository. It publishes outstanding theses, project reports, technical reports, workshop proceedings, and other works related to the Institute of Cognitive Science. All PICS publications receive a DOI.

Members of the institute can hand in their works that will be exmined by our editorial board:

  • Annette Hohenberger
  • Simone Pika
  • Gordon Pipa
  • Achim Stephan
  • Tobias Thelen

This is our list of recent publications:

2024/01Pablos, Alex B.Deleuze on Habit: Cognitive Science Beyond Prediction
2023/04Frohn, Sabrina A.L.; Lohkamp, Jakob; Titz, Lisa; Krieger, Laura; Thelen, TobiasEinführung studentischer Publikationsseminare an Hochschulen
2023/03Frohn, Sabrina A.L.; Lohkamp, Jakob; Titz, Lisa; Krieger, Laura; Thelen, TobiasEstablishing Student Publication Seminars in Higher Education
2023/02Watzlawek, RebeccaLanguage in Echo Chambers: How Metaphors Intensify Affective Phenomena
2023/01Witschas, AnnemariePorn, Power, and Platforms - The (re-)production of hegemonic sexuality through Machine Learning systems
2022/04Thelen, Tobias (ed.)Artificial Intelligence in Education
2022/03Thelen, Tobias (ed.)Artificial Intelligence in Public Discourse
2022/02Bruhn, SaskiaDensity Matrix Methods in Quantum Natural Language Processing
2022/01Lindemann, Nora FreyaThe Ethical Permissibility of Chatting with the Dead: Towards a Normative Framework for ‘Deathbots’

The full series can always be accessed via OsnaDocs.

Student Journal

The Cognitive Science Student Journal publishes student works from all disciplines of Cognitive Science. In the Kaleidoscience Podcast students get a chance to talk about their own ideas and projects.

Read more: Cognitive Science Student Journal