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Institute of Cognitive Science

Institute of Cognitive Science at Osnabrück University

Welcome to the website of the Institute of Cognitive Science at the Osnabrück University! Our research activities cover a wide range of cognitive science disciplines. Our study programs include international Bachelor and Master programs, which teach basics from the entire spectrum of cognitive science and emphasize interdisciplinary thinking and work.

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Get to know us and what we do!

Meet the different research groups of the Institute of Cognitve Science and get to know our current research! On 31st May, we will have a series of short lightning talks on embodied cognition, evolution, social interaction, ChatGPT, primate vision and communication, and many more topics. The talk series starts at 12:15 in building 93 (room E44) and ends with a cookie reception in front of the Mensa Westerberg. We are looking forward to a fruitful discussion of potential joint future research at the IKW and hope to see many of you!

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IKW celebrates the birth of a new era: IKW 2.0

During the last months the management board has been restructuring the Institute of Cognitive Science. We now have a head of management, Dr. Tobias Thelen, who manages every day business and works closely together with the board of management. The director’s work is split among a team that is responsible for strategic management. The current members of the board are Prof. Gordon Pipa (finances), Prof. Nicole Gotzner (personnel), Prof. Simone Pika (research), Prof. Sven Walter (study program), Dr. Annette Hohenberger, Gabriela Pipa and Joshua Stock. We, together with our staff members, celebrated the start of the new era: IKW 2.0

For Prospective Students:

Bachelor Cognitive Science

This program is designed for you to explore the different fields within Cognitive Science, all while building a solid foundation in the core areas of Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Modelling, Computational Linguistics, Neurobiology, Neuroinformatics, Neuroscience, Philosophy of Mind. 

Master Cognitive Science

This Master Program allows you to refine your knowledge in Cognitive Psychology, Artificial Intelligence, Linguistics and Computational Linguistics, Neuroinformatics and Robotics, Neuroscience, and Philosophy of Mind and Cognition. You will build on your research skills through lab rotations, a year-long study project, and your master's thesis.

Online Master Cognitive Science

The "Osnabrück Cognitive Science Master Online Studies" (OS-COSMOS) program is an online track to the Master Program for international students living outside of Germany.  You can major in Artificial Intelligence, Neuroscience, and Neuroinformatics.

Master Cognitive Computing

The Cognitive Computing Program specializes in studying computational models of cognitive abilities. This course addresses working professionals who will continue to work in parallel to their studies. Graduates of this program are able to use their acquired skills for the development of innovative intelligent systems and services.