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Repeat photography is known as the process of photographing a scene again from the same camera position and perspective as at a previous point in time. This results in a historic and a contemporary image, the repeat photograph, showing the same view of the same scene.

Initially employed in glaciology in the Italian Alps at the end of the 19th century, repeat photography spread to North America and to landscape change research in general. A bibliography of repeat photography from 1984 lists already over 450 entries. Nowadays repeat photography is used on all continents and in many fields, ranging from natural sciences, art and culture, to sociology and education. With the beginning of the last quarter of the 20th century illustrated books, and series of llustrated books on repeat photography are published.

Additionally, repeat photography websites exist. Most of these cover aspecific repeat photographer or a specific geographic area.

We offer the web portal hosting over 2600 registered compilations.


Our research focuses on image registration with the application in repeat photography as well as the history and application of repeat photography.

We research combined deep and interactive image registration methods, allowing users to select to be registered areas for which deep features are computed for registration.

Project Publications


Re.Photos Project
A collection of repeat photographic compilations (17MB pdf)
Interactive Registration Demo