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Research Activities

Repeat Photography

Repeat photography is known as the process of photographing a scene again from the same camera position and perspective as at a previous point in time allowing to observe and measure changes in the scene. Our research focus on deep and interactive image registration and the history and application of repeat photography.


Klix is a research project in cooperation between the Institute of Cognitive Science at the University of Osnabrück and the net-Com AG. The aim is to develop an application for image rights management.

Neural Architecture Design

What drives the ever increasing predictive power of Convolutional Neural Networks that dominated Image classification in recent years?

Interactive 3D Modelling

A multitude of computer vision based techniques reconstruct and model 3D objects or scenes from photographs or video footage captured in 2D (monocular) or 3D (stereo). Many of these techniques and approaches reconstruct objects or scenes with automatic algorithms from image sequences. But would an architect or an engineer call the resulting 3D reconstruction a CAD-model? Are users able to reconstruct models of real world objects in such a way that they will be able to translate them back to real world replicas? The answer to these questions is mostly – No – but why?

Scalable Video Visual Analytics SPP1335

We focus on visual analytics of video data in the context of the priority program "Scalable Visual Analytics: Interactive Visual Analysis Systems of Complex Information Spaces" (SPP1335).


"Yesterday the German Chancellor officially declared this years CeBIT open. For the next week his hometown will be the host for the worlds biggest IT fair."

Even for a human these two sentences can represent quite a challenge. The word his in the second sentence probably refers the phrase German Chancellor in the first one as well as the phrase the worlds biggest IT fair might refer to the term CeBIT in the first sentence. If you were given access to some additional information e.g. that these two sentence came from a newpaper article in 2004, you might also infer that the German Chancellor refers to the person Gerhard Schröder and his hometown to the city of Hannover as it was his hometown at that point and has been the host city for the IT fair CeBIT ever since. In addition you may find further evidence that the worlds biggest IT fair indeed refers to the term CeBIT.


The development of image recognition systems is a complex and highly specialized process, which requires expert knowledge in areas of image recognition and machine learning. Although image recognition systems have a large potential for future applications in everyday life, their application, as of today, is limited by the lack of access to appropriate development tools.