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Research Training Group (RTG)

Joint Bochum - Osnabrück
DFG Research Training School on Situated Cognition

From 2017 to 2021, the IKW is home to a bi-local international Research Training Group ("Graduiertenkolleg") on Situated Cognition, in collaboration with colleagues at the Ruhr University Bochum (RUB).

Convinced that only a joint effort and the interplay between empirical research and philosophical reflection can provide us with an adequate account of the human min, the more than 25 senior researchers and doctorate students of the Research Training Group connect philosophy of mind and cognition with many other subdisciplines of cognitive science.  They combine philosophical analysis with stated of the art experimental research in biological psychology, developmental psychology, linguistics, neurolinguistics, neurobiopsychology and psychiatry.

The overarching goal of the Research Training Group is to develop a new account of cognition. The researchers try to identify deficits in traditional models of the human mind in order to refine and enhance existing  conceptions by drawing on new developments in the cognitive sciences that have not yet made their way into the prevailing philosophical approaches, with a focus on four central cognitive phenomena that have been of longstanding philosophical interest: viz, perception, agency, emotions and social and linguistic understanding.


Prof. Dr. Albert Newen (RUB), Philosophy
Prof. Dr. Achim Stephan (UOS), Philosophy

Principal Investigators

Prof. Dr. Onur Güntürkün (RUB), Biological Psychology
Prof. Dr. Peter König (UOS), Neurobiopsychology
Prof. Dr. Nikola Kompa (UOS), Philosophy
Dr. Beate Krickel (RUB), Philosophy
Prof. Dr. Jutta L. Müller (UOS), Neurolinguistics
Prof. Dr. Albert Newen (RUB), Philosophy
Prof. Dr. Tobias Schlicht (RUB), Philosophy
Prof. Dr. Silvia Schneider (RUB), Psychology
Prof. Dr. Ursula Stockhorst (UOS), Biological Psychology
Prof. Dr. Sven Walter (UOS), Philosophy
Prof. Dr. Markuns Werning (RUB), Philosophy

Associated Researchers

Prof. Dr. Alexander Bergs (UOS), Linguistics
Prof. Dr. Peter Brössel (RUB), Philosophy
Prof. Dr. Sen Cheng (RUB), Neuroinformatics
Prof. Dr. Saskia Nagel (Twente), Philosophy
Prof. Dr. Thomas Staufenbiel (UOS), Psychology
Prof. Dr. Sarah Weigelt (RUB), Developmental Psychology

Sample Ph.D. Projects

  • a situated account of personal freedom: the situatedness of decision making
  • the neuronal foundations of the perception-to-action cycle
  • a theory of embedded and extended affectivity
  • investigating embodied emotions
  • the situatedness of metaphors
  • investigating the situatedness of linguistic understanding: the perceptual basis of word meaning acquisition
  • sensory substitution experiments: testing enacted theories of cognition with experiments on sensory augmentation
  • situated theories of perception
  • a theory of situated social understanding
  • social understanding in action contexts: visual cliff experiments
  • the siuatedness of linguistics understanding: the perceoptual basis of word meaning acquistion