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Bachelor and Master Theses

Bachelor Theses

Theses completed (selected)

Vincent Höckendorf On the Influence of German-Speaking Émigrés on the Emergence of Cognitive Science as a New Interdisciplinary Field
Bent Freiwald Sprache und Politik: Kognitionswissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse über den Einfluss politischer Sprachbilder auf die politische Willensbildung des Rezipienten am Beispiel der Alternative für Deutschland
Elena Doering Artificial Autonomy: A Comparison of Autonomy in Humans and AI
Sina Lührmann Singer and Frey über moralische Aspekte von Tierversuchen
Corinna Kühnapfel Neuroaesthetics: Prospects and Limitations of an Emerging Field2017
Malin Melisa Moik Free will, conformity and punishment: Disbelief in free will and  its effects on retributive punishment and conformity2017
Ulrike Lauff Philosophical Aspects of Libertarian Paternalism in the Context of Health Insurance Issues2016
Jean-Philipp Almstedt Superintelligence and the Importance of Friendly AI2016
Anna Gojowsky Monetization of User Data - Psychological Methods Used for Analyzing Facebook Consumer Behavior2016
Jacqueline Podsigun Projekt Selbstgestaltung - Personale Autonomie im Kontext pharmazeutischen Neuro-Enhancements2016
Tim Eggert Determining the degree of extension in the Extended Mind debate: fruitful discussion or everlasting stalemate?2016
Regina Gerber, geb. Funk A Critical Analysis of Sidney I. Blatt's Theory of Depression2016
Nicole Knodel Neuroaesthetics: Aesthetic Experiences and the Brain2016
Delia Hollweg Manipulation on the Internet: The Concept of Balkanization2016
Lisa Zick Derk Pereboom: Optimistic conclusions about Free Will Skepticism2015
Dominik Raabe Game Analysis in High Professional Soccer – Vertical Passes into the Offensive Third as a Predictor for Space Control and Game Success2015
Nicolai Wolpert The narrative and the experiential concept of the self and their implications for Cognitive Science2015
Marie Kristin Ingeborg Gerda Messow On the Adequacy of Emotions2015
Lars Stablo Terme für natürliche Arten: Überlegungen zu Duprés promiskem Realismus2015
Felix Herzberg Aspects of Enactivism in the Philosophy of Mind2015
Lasse Bergmann The Exclusion Argument in the Context of Interventionism2015
Valentin Kotov A Review of Selected Positions and Arguments Regarding the Relation between Privacy and Autonomy2015
Victoria Amo-Olea WiseStudent: Integrating Artificial intelligence into Mobile Applications for supporting human well-being2015
Raphael Kauffmann Empathy and Morality - Aspects of a controversial relation2015
Hannah Jacobs Correlations between metaethical objectivism and personality2014
Tobias Pollak Scarantinos motivationale Theorie der Emotionen -  Eine kritische Bestandsaufnahme2014
Christoph Niemeyer Improving Decisions: A Review of Literature on Prevention and Mitigation of Cognitive Biases2014
Lukas Pfeiffer Aspects of the Problem of Demandingness in Moral Theory2014
Lukas Ballon Cognitive Theories on the Evolution of Religion2013
Elvira Bauer On the Nature of Psychopathy2013
Armin Egger Dreyfuss, McDowell and the Nature of Coping2013
Jan Lipovsek Ist der Mensch von Natur aus kooperativ? Vergleichende Studien an Schimpansen und Kleinkindern2013
Mathias Brandner Singer & Roth vs. Falkenburg - Determinismus und das Erklärungsvermögen der Neurowissenschaften2013
Alexander Bretin The evolutionary shaping of human moral capacity and its consequences for the existance of moral facts2013
Elena Margonis Emotional Alienation Based on the Example of the Capgras Delusion2013
Hendrik Schulte The Problem of Mental Causation - Can Fred Dretske, Jaegwon Kim or Frank Jackson/Philipp Pettit provide a solution to the problem?2013
Stephan Sahm Conscious and Unconscious Mental States in the Context of Cognitive Phenomenology2013
Anna Catarina Spangehl LSD-25  Potential in Psychotherapy and Research2013
Elisabeth Mühlfehld The therapeutic value of mindfulness meditation and psilocybin for the treatment of terminal-illness anxiety2013
Alexander Neumann An evolutionary hypothesis of  depression based on the cytokine hypothesis of depression: Review and comparison of other evolutionary hypotheses2012
Tobias Fiebig Ethical Implications of Remote Forensic Software in the Context of the Extended Mind Theory2012
Ngan-Tram Ho Dac Empathy - A Dialogue Between Neuroscience, Psychology, and Phenomenology2012
Jirka Lewandowski The value of fiction in cognitive science2012
Marvin Müthing Teaching Thinking - A Comparison of Different Approaches2012
Oliver Holtz Subject-Object Dualism in John Dewey's Theory of Knowledge2012
Luca Pogoda Relevante Faktoren für die Ausbildung einer Theorie des Geistes bei Menschen2012
Lena Tiedemann Willensfreiheit: Neurowissenschaftliche Experimente und ihre philosophischen Bedeutungen2012
Jonas Klein Horizontal Perceptual Experience and Cognitive Science - Husserl's Phenomenological Concept of Horizon for Accounts of Perceptual Experience in Cognitive Science2011
Laura Schmitz Understanding How We Understand: Theory, Simulation, or Direct Perception in Interaction? 2011
Kristina Wiebels Assessing Emotional Processes in Animals2011
Leonie Teigler Change Your Mind - A philosophical explanation for the absence of healing in the pharmaceutical treatment of depression2011
Marina Winkler Moral Responsibility and the Dynamics of Human Aggression in the Criminal Culpability Debate2011
Nicole Troxler Theory of Mind in Chimpanzees - An overview of the recent debate2011
Anna-Lena Lumma Illuminating Depression: Contrasting the concept of hedonia with the concept of anhedonia by focussing on current scientific findings2010
Niclas Braun Grundannahmen und gesellschaftlich philosophische Implikationen des Neuromarketings - Ein kritischer Ansatz



Lena Kästner What is Cognition?2009
Amadeus Magrabi Self-Control in the Free Will Debate. The Implications of Empirical Studies SS 2009
Timon Merlin Miguel Bittlinger Das kriminelle Gehirn. Eine kritische Analyse der Biologie kriminellen Verhaltens und deren mediale Darstellung SS 2009
Lukas Ebensperger Die Verwissenschaftlichung der menschlichen Selbstauslegung durch die Technik SS 2009
Laura Moisi The Science of Depression. Sketch of a non-reductive, multi-level approach SS 2009
Wendy Wilutzky Intentions in Actions SS 2008
Henry Harper Possible Functions of the Mirror Neuron System in Imitation and Autism: A Review WS 2007
Dirk Eichhorn The scaffolded mind. An analysis of the role of external structures in Andy Clark’s philosophy of cognition SS 2007
Katharina Koch Ist Sprachfähigkeit ein Kriterium, um Tieren Rationalität und Denken zuzuschreiben? SS 2007
Mathias Winnicki Early Understanding of Intentional Action in Young Children SS 2007
Asena Paskaleva Theory of Mind and Language Impairments in Autism SS 2007
Fabian Stelzer Die Hedonische Rationalität der Emotionen SS 2007
Sylvia Wrzosek A View on the Qualia Debate SS 2007
Claudia Thiessen An Analysis of José Luis Bermudez’s Approach to the Development of Self-Consciousness SS 2006
Matti Samuli Gärtner Perspectives on the Integration of Acupuncture into Western Medical Science SS 2006
Torsten Dierkes Emotionen als Urteile und gefühlte Wertungen – Ein konstruktiv kritischer Versuch über Robert S. Solomons Urteilstheorie der Emotionen SS 2006
Jean Moritz Müller The Representational Content and the Epistemology of Emotional Experience SS 2006
Radek Cichy The Dennettian Concept of Intentionality: Past and Present
SS 2004
Jan Scholz Emergence in Cognitive Science: Clark’s Four Proposals to the Emergentists
SS 2004
Roland Thomaschke Robert Cummins’ Kritik an der kausalen Theorie mentaler Repräsentation
am Beispiel der Lernbarkeit von LOT-Termen (pdf)
WS 2003
Manuel Boeck Cognitive tools in philosophy and practice WS 2003
Samuel Schindler Radikal konstruiert? Die erkenntnistheoretische Position des Radikalen
Konstruktivismus: Ideen, Kritik und ihr Bezug zur Kognitionswissenschaft
SS 2003
Saskia Nagel Embodied Dynamical Representationalism – Representations in Cognitive
Science (pdf)
SS 2003
Frank Freyer Funktionelle Magnetresonanztomographie – eine wissenschaftsphilosophische Untersuchung
WS 2002
Frank Schumann Embodied cognitive science: is it part of cognitive science? Analysis within a philosophy of science background (pdf) WS 2002
Nicolas Neubauer Emergence in a Multiagent Simulation of Communicative Behavior (pdf) WS 2002

Master Theses

Theses completed (selected)

Lasse T. Bergmann Autonomous Driving and Public Acceptance: A Philosophical Analysis of Autonomous Driving and an Experimental Approach to the Problem of Moral Decision-Making 2017
Dominik Leroy Harkness The Bayesian Brain - The What, the How and the Where 2017
Atik Jameshan The Interactive Constitution of Society and Cognition: How Endorsing Enactivism Can Explain the Societal 2017
Frank Polenz Schaden und Nutzen der Lüge 2017
Alexandra Pritzkau Envisioning a Phenomenological Psychopathology: A Comparative Examination of Biomedical Psychiatry and Clinically Relevant Insights Gained from a Phenomenological Analysis of Depression 2017
Wjatscheslaw Loev Intuitions about Intuition: A Review of Intuition Concepts in Science and Everyday Life 2016
Petar Dimkov A Philosophical Study of Freudian Primary and Secondary Thought Processes: Parallels of Acute Schizophrenic 2015
Armin Egger Das Bild des Denkens 2015
Charles Lowe Becoming a new kind of person: An exegetical reading of Hacking's 'making up people' 2015
Stephan Sahm Objective Subjects - an attempt to understand ourselves as persisting conscious beings 2015
Sahon Bhattacharyya Man and Mind: An Existential Critique of the Cognitive Sciences 2015
Héctor Andrés Sánchez Guerrero Emotional bedingtes Handeln und personale Bestimmung: Über die Denkbarkeit freier unreflektierter emotional bedingter Handlungen 2014
Jonas Klein John McDowell's Relaxed Naturalism. The Possibility of Scientific Practices in McDowell's Philosophy 2014
Imke Biermann Affektivität, Bedeutsamkeit und Normativität 2014
Nicole Troxler Intersubjectivity in early mother-child interaction:  - A comparison between humans and chimpanzees 2014
Alexander Niedrig Presentational & Representational Processing in Cognitive Science: Differences and Commonalities between Computationalism and Situated Cognition 2013
Laura Schmitz Improvement of Joint Action Coordination through Strategic Reduction of Temporal Variability 2013
Bret Cohen Ruth Millikan on Representation of Sameness and Substance 2013
Gunnar Stiller Über Disziplinarität und Interdisziplinarität der Kognitionswissenschaft(en) 2012
Andres Kurismaa Polarization Models of Mind and Brain in the Biosemiotics of Friedrich S. Rothschild
Rafaela Paz Wahl Herrera Neuro-Education: A Reality Check Analysing Neuroscientific Approaches Applied to Educational Models 2012
Asena Paskaleva A Phenomenological Assessment of Depression Narratives 2011
Yin-Yue Lo Inevitability of Stereotype: Stereotype as Acceptance in the Perspectives of the Social Identity Theory and the Self-Categorization Theory 2010
Kirsten Brukamp Nature of Mind: Contemporary approaches to naturalize mental processes 2010
Clemens Bauer Representational Approaches to Consciousness. Addendum inanis et nihilum SS 2007
Albert Casalprim Philosophical Considerations: The Relation of Mental States with Language SS 2007
Jan Plate Physicalism and Subjectivity SS 2005