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Teaching by the Ethics of AI group

This is the teaching program of the *Ethics and Critical Theories of Artificial Intelligence* research group at the Institute of Cognitive Science, University of Osnabrück.

© Simone Reukauf


We offer seminars and lectures on a broad range of topics, focusing on critical studies of AI and the digital society. Our teaching provides theoretical foundations as well as diverse perspectives touching upon issues such as the power structures within the digital, systems of discrimination, and the socio-economic contexts of AI.

Lecture: Introduction to the Ethics of AI

The lecture *Introduction to the Ethics of AI* is repeated every winter term and is open to the public. The lecture is available in three formats: On site, live video and video recordings. Recordings 2022/2023

Our courses are generally held in English and mostly in hybrid formats (combining online/offline), so that they are also accessible to external participants. If you want to join, please write us a mail.

© Simone Reukauf

Mentoring & theses

The research group offers excellent students and doctoral candidates a young, motivated environment for critical theories of the digital society ‒ for example, in the context of  bachelor’s and master’s theses as well as doctoral projects.

For supervision of theses, please contact any members of the research group's faculty. Additionally, you may follow the link to find more information on how to prepare a thesis.