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Go abroad!

A stay abroad contributes enormously to the further development of one's own personality. Among the most important recruitment criteria for companies are experience abroad and language skills.

Therefore, a stay abroad of one semester is a mandatory part of the bachelor’s degree in the international Cognitive Science degree program usually in semester five.

The semester abroad can be completed at a university, a university-like institution (e.g. a state or private research institute) or in a company.

You should start thinking about your stay abroad in the middle of semester 2. You will be informed about information events. You can always contact our mobility office.

There are places available for Osnabrück students at partner universities around the world; Within Europe, the ERASMUS+ program provides foreign university places without tuition fees, also study programs and internships can be financially supported.

In addition, you yourself can organize a place at a university (with which there are no contracts) or apply for an internship in an institution or in a company.

The most important criteria in your choice should be your personal interest and the quality of the chosen facility (and NOT its geographical location!).

 You should obtain information on the following questions when applying:

Are there specific agreements in my field of study?

  • Which countries and which universities are involved?
  • What does the higher education system in the country of destination look like?
  • Do I have or how do I acquire the necessary foreign language skills?
  • Does the university I am interested in offer suitable courses for my studies?
  • Will the courses I have completed abroad be recognized here?


In order to avoid disappointment, you should definitely coordinate your study plans with Petra Dießel, (Mobility Office Cognitive Science).

Your possibilities:

Study in Europe (via ERASMUS+)
Study worldwide (via Osnabrück University partner universities)