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Useful information for Cognitive Science master students

Index of this page:

How to contact the examination office

How to get a Transcript of Records (TOR)

How to get approval of foreign university credits (e.g., from your semester abroad)

How to get approval for online courses

How to register for modular examinations

How to register your master’s thesis

How to get various statements and confirmations needed for external applications

How to contact the examination office

Tatjana Ahrends, Carla Högemann, Julia Reuter

Wachsbleiche 27, 49090 Osnabrück
Room: 50/E05
Tel: +49-541 969-3363

Consultation hours

(Please refer to the Procedures during Covid-19 pandemic.)


How to get a Transcript of Records (TOR)

  1. Collect your certificates at the Examinations Office. Type the chronologically ordered list of your courses into the appropriate document:


    1. If you have already completed one or more of your modular examinations, add them to the list under section “Modular Examinations and Study Project”.
    2. If you have completed your study project you can also add this to the list.

  2. Save the file as an OpenDocument (.odt) and email your transcript to the Examinations Office.
  3. Visit the Examinations Office during the respective office hours and bring along your chronologically ordered certificates and an Opium printout, for cross-checking.
  4. Your TOR will be processed, and can be collected in the Examinations Office (usually) one week later.

Attention: the processing time can take up to 3 weeks during peak periods (typical submission deadlines for scholarship applications, semester abroad, master applications, etc.).

How to get approval of foreign university credits (e.g., from your semester abroad)

In order to get the approval of foreign university credits, you must:

For the approval of foreign credits which may be used as compulsory elective credits for modules*, you must first contact the appropriate lecturer for his signed consent, before visiting the Examinations Office:

MathematicsProf. Dr. Stefan Kunis
Artificial IntelligenceProf. Dr. Kai-Uwe Kühnberger
Philosophy and Philosophy of CognitionProf. Dr. Achim Stephan
NeuroscienceProf. Dr. med. Peter König
Linguistics und Computational LinguisticsProf. Dr. Elia Bruni
NeuroinformaticsProf. Dr. Gordon Pipa
Computer ScienceDipl.-Biol. Astrid Heinze
Cognitive (Neuro-)PsychologyDr. Annette Hohenberger

*Please inquire before your semester abroad, whether the courses you are planning to take can be credited as compulsory elective module components in our study program.

How to get approval for Online Courses

In order to get credit points for online courses:

  1. Print and fill out the following document for each certificate that should be approved: "Antrag auf Anerkennung einer auswärtigen Studienleistung im Studiengang Kognitionswissenschaft"
  2. Print out information about content and structure of the course (e.g. Syllabus)
  3. Visit the Examinations Office with the document(s) and your certificate for completing the online course

The approval will then be processed and can be collected one week later. There is no need to get a signature from a resident lecturer before you hand it in. The courses will count towards the optional module. You can get a total maximum of 4 credit points for online courses.

How to register for modular examinations

There are no oral modular examinations for the master program. The modules consist of prescribed courses having a given amount of credits. The module grades are calculated on the base of the individual course grades and credits.

How to submit modular credits

  1. Print and fill out the following document:


  2. Bring the form with your original certificates, an Opium printout and a copy of your certificate of matriculation to the examination office.
  3. You can pick up the certificate at the examination office after one week

How to register your master’s thesis

Before registering your thesis in the Examinations Office you must select a research area, a supervisor and a topic. Ask prospective supervisors how possible topics are selected in their research area.


  1. Fill out the following document:


  2. Fill out page 3 and have your supervisor sign it.
  3. Fill out the credits checklist:


  4. Visit the Examinations Office with the following documents:

    • an up-to-date photo of yourself
    • an up-to-date TOR and the corresponding certificates (originals and copies)
    • a curriculum vitae (a chronological overview of your education)
    • current matriculation certificate (and matriculation certificate for semester of handing in the thesis, if those are different)
    • proof of successful completion of a bachelor degree

When handing in your thesis, a signed declaration of authorship must be bound in each of the 3 required copies: Declaration of Authorship-Vorlage.doc

How to get various statements and confirmations needed for external applications

When finishing your studies, you will need certain confirmations and statements for your applications to subsequent universities. Possible standard confirmations are: confirmation of (ECTS) credits, preliminary average grade and preliminary master’s certificate.

How to get a preliminary master’s certificate

The following requirements must hold:

  • You have handed in 3 copies of your master’s thesis
  • Both supervisors have confirmed via email to the Examinations Office that you will pass the thesis with at least 4.0 (sufficient)
  • You have fulfilled all study requirements and examinations

Note that during holiday seasons this process can take some time.