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Study projects

The study project is designed uniquely for every Cognitive Computing student. There is an offer of interdisciplinary projects available from the institute, where students come together in groups of 5-15 (mixed with the Cognitive Science master) to work on a currently relevant research topic. However, Cognitive Computing students also have the possibility to work on a one-year project inside their corporation, while working closely with institute supervisors, and write a scientific report about their work.

During the project, the students should in particular prove that they can independently formulate and solve a problem from a scientific context using the methods and theoretical knowledge accessible to them through their studies. This includes the documentation and presentation of the results, the working process as well as the reflection on this process. An additional subjective is to gain valuable expertise in project management and self-organization as well as to deepen communicative and decision-making competences. The study project aims to train the students in independent group work under conditions that are common for research projects in science and industry.

All study projects offered by the institute can be found under "Course and Lectures" on the IKW website or on StudIP by searching for the key word "study project".