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Study Projects

This page showcases study projects conducted at the Institute of Cognitive Science. For one year during the master programme students participate in a group project of their choice to formulate and solve a problem from a scientific context. Learn more about study projects

Running projects or a complete list of study projects can be found under Courses and Lectures.

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SmartUni - AI Support for Remote Learning Scenarios in Higher Education

completed September 2022, started October 2021

SmartUni was a project to develop an AI tool or tools to assist students in remote learning scenarios like those that were prevalent during the Coronavirus pandemic

PRISMAtic Sustainability - Exploring the practicability of an enactivist research paradigm within environmentalism

completed November 2021, started October 2020

In this study project we set out to adapt the enactivist research paradigm PRISMA to study the relation between human and nature/more-than-human world. We conducted a pilot research workshop testing the adapted version of the method.

Escapeling Chatbot - Adaptive Language Learning with AI-assisted Conversational Agents

completed April 2022, started October 2020

Telegram chatbot game for English learners.

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