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Prof. Dr. Jutta L. Mueller
Osnabrück University
Wachsbleiche 27
49069 Osnabrück
Room 50/103

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Tel: +49-541-969-3369
Fax: +49-541-969-3381

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How to find us


Our experiments are conducted in various labs in Building 50 of Osnabrück University. On-site parking can be found on the side of the building (entrance on Pagenstecherstraße):

The Kindersprachlabor of the Institute of Cognitive Science: This lab is located on the ground floor of Building 50 (room E16) (Wachsbleiche 27). Here, EEG an Eye-tracking studies are conducted with children and adults.

The 'Behaviour Lab' of the Institute of Cognitive Science: This lab is located on the first floor of Building 50 (room112) (Wachsbleiche 27). Here, behavior and eye-tracking studies are conducted with adults.

Some experiments are conducted in the EEG lab of the School 'General Psychology I' under the direction of Prof. Dr. Thomas Gruber: This lab is located in Building 15 near the University Castle; the closest parking options can be found on Großen Rosenstraße and on am Ledenhof.

Osnabrück University
School of Human Sciences 
Institute of Psychology  
Seminarstraße 20
49074 Osnabrück


Our offices are located in Building 50 of Osnabrück University (Wachsbleiche 27), first floor, rooms 102/103/104

Building 50, Wachsbleiche 27

Building15, Seminarstraße 20