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Research interests 

Research interests of the AI group at the Cognitive Science Institute include the following topics:


Analogical Reasoning

Predictive analogies in qualitative physics, heuristic-driven theory projection

Algebraic Methods in AI

Category Theory, closure spaces, channels, topologies, universal algebra, Coalgebras

Computational Creativity

Computational storytelling, concept invention in mathematics and music, sketch recognition

Logic Programming and Constraints

PROLOG and PROLOG extensions for CLP

Knowledge Management

Mapping-Tools for Cooperative Work and Learning, distributed learning,
terminology extraction, ontologies, internal document structure, text mining

Media-based Learning Environments


Ontology Design

Ontology generation and adaptation, extraction of semantic information from syntactic data.

Neuro-Symbolic Integration

Learning logical theories and complex data structures with neural networks.

Cognitive Integration

Reducing cognitive diversity to a few principles in order to achieve human-level intelligence. Integrating different approaches in order to achieve more unified systems.

Conceptual Spaces

Extracting dimensions from data, acquiring concepts through machine learning, geometrical reasoning.