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14. November 2017 : New publication on the limitations of visual processing

Wahn B and König P (2017). Can limitations of visuospatial attention be circumvented? A review. DOI: 10.3389/fpsyg.2017.01896. Front Psychol 8:1896.

Humans are bombarded with visual input - yet, their attentional capacities for processing this input are severely limited.
Here we provide a review of 1) studies on limitations of visuospatial attention and their physiological correlates, 2) studies in multisensory research investigating whether limitations in visuospatial attention can be circumvented by distributing information processing across several sensory modalities, and 3) research from the field of joint action that has investigated how limitations of visuospatial attention can be circumvented by distributing task demands across people and providing them with multisensory input.