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26. April 2019 : New publication on multisensory processing in the brain

Wang P, Göschl F, Friese U, König P and Engel AK (2019). Long-range functional coupling predicts performance: Oscillatory EEG networks in multisensory processing. Neuroimage 196:114-125
(, by this link, Elsevier grants free access to this article by June 3rd)

„The integration of sensory signals from different modalities requires flexible interaction of remote brain areas. One candidate mechanism to establish communication in the brain is transient synchronization of oscillatory neural signals. Although there is abundant evidence for the involvement of cortical oscillations in brain functions based on the analysis of local power, assessment of the phase dynamics among spatially distributed neuronal populations and their relevance for behavior is still sparse. In the present study, we investigated the interaction between remote brain areas by analyzing high-density electroencephalogram (EEG) data obtained from human participants engaged in a visuotactile pattern matching task.
Showcased for multisensory processing, our results provide evidence that large-scale neuronal coupling is vital to long-range communication in the human brain and relevant for the behavioral outcome in a cognitive task.“