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Why a compulsory semester abroad?

  • experience abroad and language skills are among the most important recruitment criteria for companies
  • it contributes enormously to personal development

 How long do I have to spend abroad?

  • One semester is a compulsory part of the Bachelor's degree programme
  • Usually in semester 5

 Where can I spent my semester abroad?

  • At a university
  • At an institution similar to a university (e.g. a state or private research institution)
  • At a company abroad

 When do I start preparing?

  • Go to the Cogsci Study Abroad Fair in semester 2 (12 June 2024)
  • Start planning in semester 3

 The university offers:

  • Study places at partner universities worldwide for Osnabrück students
  • ERASMUS+ study places abroad within Europe without tuition fees
  • Study visits and internships are financially supported

 What must/can I organise myself?

  • Look for a study place at a university (with which there are no contracts)
  • Apply for an internship at an institution or in a company

 What are the most important criteria for my choice?

  •  Personal interest
  • The quality of the chosen institution
  • NOT its geographical location!

 What information should I gather before applying?

  • Which countries and which universities are involved?
  • Are there specific agreements in my field of study?
  • What is the university system like in the target country?
  • Do I have or how do I acquire the necessary foreign language skills?
  • Does the university I am interested in offer suitable courses for my degree programme?
  • Will my academic achievements abroad be recognised here?

 Where can I get help to avoid disappointment?

 CogSci-Mobility Office (Petra Dießel)

 Further information on the IKW website:

Studying with ERASMUS+

Study via university partnerships