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The 'Friends and Sponsors of the Institute of Cognitive Science'

The Association of Friends and Sponsors of the Institute of Cognitive Science has supported the Institute since 1996 but has not fully kept pace with the dynamic development of the Institute and its programs.

The unique "CogSci Spirit", experienced by several thousand graduates and almost 1,000 current students, is the result of the very special mixture of people with very different interests, goals and talents who come together here. We want to strengthen this spirit and carry it beyond our studies!

In 2022, the association is now venturing a new start and wants to expand from a small support association to an appropriately large and international CogSci network. There will be regular activities and events for Cognitive Science students and alumni. We want to support creative student initiatives and help students to gain practical and scientific experience (e.g., by attending conferences). Through a grant we will be able to establish a science journal oriented "Student Journal", which the association can support in the longer term: This will also let alumni know what is happening in Cognitive Science right now.

On Wednesday, July 13, 2022, the general meeting approved a new version of the bylaws, gave the association a new name, and elected a new board. More to come here soon!

Email for inquiries:

(Board: Sascha Lange, Jasmin L. Walter, Tobias Thelen, Laura Krieger, Benjamin Angerer)