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Welcome to the Institute of Cognitive Science!

Over the last decades researchers of a variaty of disciplines have worked together to investigate mental processes and representations and build intelligent systems. Some of them right here at the intitute of Cognitive Science - and you can become part of it!

The Bachelor, Master and PhD programs in Osnabrück are the first substantial Cognitive Science programs offered in Germany. Within the largely method-oriented six-semester Bachelor Program, students will be able to obtain a "Bachelor of Science" in Cognitive Science. The four-semester Master Program treats phenomenological areas of cognition theoretically, empirically and by way of implementation. At the end of the Master Program, the students can obtain a "Master of Science" degree in Cognitive Science. The PhD Program is a curricular program enabling students to achieve a "Ph.D in Cognitive Science" within three years. Doctorate students carry out independent research in promising and highly active areas of Cognitive Science.