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Student Mentoring Team

Hi, we are the Cognitive Science Mentoring Team at the University of Osnabrück. Our names are Alina, Elisa, and Zahra. Our colleague Fariburz is responsible for mentoring our COSMOS students.

Our job is to support students and prospective students before, during and after their studies. We can help you with most common issues and questions - or otherwise know whom to ask!

Alina Ohnesorge

Elisa Palme

Fariburz Irani

Zahra Ghani


How can I get in touch?

You can reach us either via mail: or find us during our consultation hours in person in room 50/315 or online (link send on request).

Our next consultation hours are:

  • TBA

During the semester break, we will offer one monthly consultation hour. These consultation hours will be online only. We are available on the following days:

  • Friday, 06.10., 10:00 - 12:00

You are always welcome to contact us via e-mail. If you have any urgent issues, you want to discuss in a personal meeting (in-person or online), we are happy to schedule an individual meeting with you.
Good luck with your exams and enjoy the break!

I have a problem. Can you help me? 

We can answer questions concerning 

  • the study program,
  • planning your studies,
  • brainstorming about courses you could take,
  • finishing your bachelor's,
  • writing your thesis,
  • and usually know whom to ask if we cannot answer your question.

We are willing to share some of our experiences to give you an impression about studying cognitive science and if you have ideas or concerns about the schnupperstudium you can talk to us too.

What can you not do?

We are not allowed to

  • make administrative decisions like admitting you to a study program,

  • or completing a course for a certain module,

  • and also cannot give you explicit information if you are allowed to switch into our program.

We can give advice and know in many cases how decisions are made.
Furthermore, we cannot tell you much more about other cognitive science studies in other cities, as we have not studied them. We can tell you why we love studying CogSci in Osna, but for all questions regarding the study program at other universities, please refer to their respective websites.

I want to apply for the CogSci program, can you help me?

Before contacting us, please refer to the respective websites:

Cognitive Science BSc

Cognitive Science MSc

Cognitive Science Online MSc

Cognitive Computing MSc

If your questions are not answered there, feel free to contact us.

I am an International Student, can you help me?

We will certainly try to answer your questions and also have Zahra as our dedicated international mentor. For general question, you may be better helped by contacting the International Office. See also here for more information.

You have not answered my E-Mail. What do I do now?

It usually takes us a few days to go through all our E-mails and answer them. If the matter is urgent, please come to our consultation hours or write another E-mail after a few days. We try our best to answer your mails as thoughtful and soon as possible.

What else do you do?

We work closely together with the student body and dean of studies and help organize events such as the Schnupperstudium, the Freshie week and the Hochschulinformationstag (HIT). We are always looking for some support and ideas regarding those events. If you would like to host Schnuppies, organize activities in the Freshie week, write us an E-Mail ( or drop by in our consultation hours (see above).

I am confused—Which is the correct mail to contact you?

For organization reasons, we decided to get rid of the old mail addresses and have a new E-Mail address: The old mail addresses still work for a while, but not forever, so please if you want to reach us, use the new mail address.