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Examination Regulations

Here you find the PhD examination regulations (Promotionsordnung) for Cognitive Science:

The legally binding document is only available in German. The essentials are listed below.

  • In order to obtain the degree for PhD in Cognitive Science at the University of Osnabrück, candidates have to write a thesis on a topic in Cognitive Science and they have to defend their thesis in an oral examination. Candidates can write the thesis in either German or English and they can also choose between these two languages for the oral examination.
  • Candidates are usually given guidance in the preparation of their thesis by two supervisors. Joint supervision with a university abroad is in principle possible.
  • The thesis is judged by at least three examiners of which at least one must be an external examiner. After submission of the thesis the assessment takes a maximum of three months.
  • If the thesis is accepted, the candidate is invited for an oral examination. This examination requires that the candidate gives an oral presentation of 30 minutes in which he or she presents the aims, methodology and results of the thesis. This is followed by a discussion of 30 to 60 minutes during which the candidate answers questions related to the dissertation. The oral examination may be attended by anyone affiliated with the University and the Chair may admit questions to the candidate by anyone in the audience. The candidate must demonstrate the ability to defend the thesis within the context of a scientific discussion. Furthermore, the candidate must show expertise in the subdiscipline or research area of the thesis and must be able to explain the subject matter of the thesis in the context of Cognitive Science.