Institut für Kognitionswissenschaft

Institute of Cognitive Science

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Research assistants

Zeynep Bolluk: lab coordination

Charlotte Uhlemann: interactive studies

Maria Stella Villa Avila: web-based studies and eyetracking

Berit Reise: web-based studies and eyetracking


Master's students

Charlotte Uhlemann: Linguistic co-occurence and context in the use and comprehensions of referring expressions

Rahim Foroughisae and Aminul Hoque: Conceptual metaphors in the context of climate change

Sila Sevi Capar, Zeynep Bolluk and Buse Tas: Gender effects in politeness

Gaia Gragnolati, Melisa Altinyelek and Maria Luiza Volynets: Emojis and irony 


Bachelor's students

Rahel Bracht: Language-dependent recall in bilinguals - an evaluation of the Revised Hierarchical Model and Dual Coding Theory