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The 'Friends and Sponsors of the Institute of Cognitive Science'

The ´Friends and Sponsors of the Institute of Cognitive Science´ is a registered association that aims at maintaining the contact between the Institute and former students and researchers by organising scientific meeting and research projects, e.g. talks, symposia, students' projects, evaluations. Such public events support us in our goal to advance the development of cognitive science in Osnabrueck, and also serve the Institute as well as the study programme. Important contacts and connections, built up during study and work, can thus be intensified not only on a personal basis, but also in a broader sense through meetings, exchanges, and talks. Being a progressive alumni association, we strive to further cognitive science as well as its subdisciplines in and beyond the boundaries of Osnabrueck. Not only do we hereby seek to improve education, we also promote communication between business, the research community and politics.

The association:

  • provides members with information concerning current developments within
  • the Insitute and programmes of study, on a regular basis
  • supports students attending conferences, summer schools, etc.
  • invites graduates to report on career after studies
  • supports events such as the annual welcoming party for the first semester
  • students


(current board of directors: Kai-Uwe Kühnberger, Tobias Thelen und Pascal Nieters)