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The latest news from research conducted at the Institute of Cognitive Science can be found here:

20. March 2020 : New publication on joint decision making and its collective benefit:

Baumgart KG, Byvshev P, Sliby AN, Strube A, König P and Wahn B (2019). Neurophysiological correlates of collective perceptual decision-making. EJN 00:1-21

Humans frequently perform tasks collaboratively in daily life. Collaborating with others may or may not result in higher task performance than if one were to complete the task alone (i.e., a collective benefit). A recent study on collective benefits in perceptual decision‐making showed that dyad members with...

13. March 2020 : New publication on spatial cognition and orientation learning in VR

König SU, Clay V, Nolte D, Duesberg L, Kuske N and König P (2019). Learning of spatial properties of a large-scale virtual city with an interactive map. Front Hum Neurosci 13:240

"To become acquainted with large-scale environments such as cities people combine direct experience and indirect sources such as maps. To ascertain which type of spatial knowledge is acquired by which source is difficult to evaluate. Using virtual reality enables the...

13. March 2020 : New publication on eye-tracking

In recent months the Neurobiopsychology lab published some very interesting papers that we haven’t featured here so far. We will do so successively in the coming weeks, starting with this new publication on eye-tracking:

Ehinger BV, Groß K, Ibs I and König P (2019). A new comprehensive eye-tracking test battery concurrently evaluating the Pupil Labs glasses and the EyeLink 1000. PeerJ 7:e7086

„Eye-tracking experiments rely heavily on good data quality of...

16. December 2019 : CogSci students accepted for Osnabrück’s Seedhouse accelerator program

Congratulations to our students Sumin Kim, Imke Mayer, Alexander Palatnik, Marc Viladrich  and Timon Jäger!

What started off as an interdisciplinary project in early 2019, is now gradually developing into a business start up. The basic idea was to use Virtual Reality to develop tailor-made therapies for different psychological disorders, e.g. alcoholism. The current focus is on treating eating disorders. First prototype results are already so promising that the project was recently accepted...

09. August 2019 : New publication on eye tracking and VR

Clay V, König P and König S (2019). Eye tracking in virtual reality. J Eye Mov Res 12:3

The intent of this paper is to provide an introduction into the bourgeoning field of eye tracking in Virtual Reality (VR). It explores the methods and tools which can be applied in the implementation of experiments using eye tracking in VR following the example...

26. April 2019 : New publication on multisensory processing in the brain

Wang P, Göschl F, Friese U, König P and Engel AK (2019). Long-range functional coupling predicts performance: Oscillatory EEG networks in multisensory processing. Neuroimage 196:114-125
(, by this link, Elsevier grants free access to this article by June 3rd)

„The integration of sensory signals from different modalities requires flexible interaction of remote brain areas. One candidate mechanism to...

12. April 2019 : New publication on language processing in the brain

Liu M, König P and Mueller JL (2019).
Novel ERP evidence for processing differences between negative and positive polarity items in German.
Front Psychol 10:376, section Language Sciences

10. April 2019 : New publication on how social priming affects our own actions’ feedback processing

Czeszumski A, Ehinger BV, Wahn B and König P (2019).
The social situation affects how we process feedback about our actions.
Front Psychol 10:361, section Cognition

Humans achieve their goals in joint action tasks either by cooperation or competition. In the present study, we investigated the neural processes underpinning error and monetary rewards processing in such cooperative and competitive situations. We used electroencephalography (EEG) and analyzed...

25. February 2019 : New publication on retinitis pigmentosa’s impact on visual processing

Ricardo Ramos Gameiro, Kristin Jünemann, Anne Herbik, Anika Wolff, Peter König, Michael B. Hoffmann
Natural visual behavior in individuals with peripheral visual-field loss.
Journal of Vision 2018;18(12):10 doi:10.1167/18.12.10

20. February 2019 : KI-Campus Osnabrück

Supporting and creating technological change in a humane way
is the self-assigned goal of our university's so-called KI-Campus. And it shall be reached by researching and developing innovative software solutions along the interfaces between AI and human intelligence, while considering and assessing the related impact on our society. For more details, please read the UOS press release:

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