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Study Plan

This study plan refers to the new study regulations (if you enrolled winter term 2011 or after). All others should have a look at the old study plan

Please note

  • The following plan is a recommendation which has proven to work well. We try to schedule the courses such that clashes are minimized.
    If you deviate from this plan, the risk of clashes will increase.
  • To enter the third semester, you must prove that you have accumulated at least 40 LPs during the first two semesters.
Semester Title Type LPs
1 Foundations of Logic I V+Ü 6
Introduction to Neurobiology V 4
(Statistics I and Data Analysis)1 (V+Ü) (8)
Informatik A: Algorithmen1 V+Ü 9
Mathematik I1 2 V+Ü 9
Foundations of Cognitive Science V 3
LPs 31 + (8)
2 Cognitive (Neuro-)Psychology V (8)
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Logic Programming V+Ü 8
Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind V+S 10
Introduction to Computational Linguistics V+Ü 8
Sensory Physiology V 4
LPs 30 + (8)
Minimal number of LPs from the first two semesters for entering the 3rd semester 40
3 Introduction to Neuroinformatics (or Machine Learning in Semester 4) V+Ü 12
optional and compulsary optional courses
(Wahl- und Wahlpflichtveranstaltungen)
LPs (approximately) 301
4 optional and optional compulsary courses
(Wahl- und Wahlpflichtveranstaltungen)
LPs (approximately) 30
5 semester abroad:
optional and optional compulsary courses
(Wahl- und Wahlpflichtveranstaltungen)
LPs (approximately) 30
6 optional and optional compulsary courses
(Wahl- und Wahlpflichtveranstaltungen)
Module examination 3
Bachelor thesis 12
LPs (approximately) 30
Sum of LPs from compulsory modules (including

Bachelor thesis)

Sum of LPs from optional-compulsory modules

depends on choices

Sum of LPs from optional courses needed to reach the obligatory sum of 180 LPs


1 remark: These courses are recommended for the first semester. In practice, however, most people postpone one into the third semester to allow for a reasonable workload

2 remark: There are several options here – the recommendation is to take Mathe für Anwender I, but you can also take Lineare Algebra I or Analysis I (calculus) for a more specialised and in-depth look at a topic.

3 remark: This is not meant as a limit for your studies, just as the minimum. Feel free to take more courses and broaden your horizon.

S = Seminar, V = Lecture, Ü = Practice

Optional compulsory courses can be taken in the following areas:

  • Neuroscience (from the 3rd semester on)
  • Neuroinformatics (from the 4th semester on)
  • Artificial Intelligence (from the 3rd semester on)
  • Computational Linguistics (from the 3rd semester on)
  • Mathematics (from the 2rd semester on)
  • Philosophy of Mind and Cognition (from the 3rd semester on)
  • Cognitive (Neuro-)Psychology (from the 3rd semester on)
  • Computer Science (from the 2nd semester on)