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Admission Regulations for the Master Program

Applicants must have a Bachelor degree (or a comparable degree) in Cognitive Science in order to study Cognitive Science in the Master Program at the University of Osnabrück.

Applicants with a Bachelor degree (or comparable degree) in a related field, such as the life sciences, computational linguistics or linguistics, computer science, artificial intelligence, mathematics, medicine, neuroscience, philosophy, psychology or a field with a high degree of information technology content may also be admitted to the Master Program.

Students are required to have a good command of English from the beginning of their studies in order to understand lectures, participate in discussions, and take examinations. A student can demonstrate that they have attained level B2 in the English language according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) in the following ways:

  • the relevant level of English proficiency was already an admission requirement for the earlier Bachelor’s degree, or
  • the applicant has already successfully completed an English-language undergraduate or graduate degree program, or
  • English was the language of the education system of the applicant at the time they earned their higher education entrance qualification, or
  • the applicant has passed a language test at level B2 (CEFR) (for possible language tests and the corresponding points required, see:

Note: Usually, students who have taken the German "Abitur" satisfy the requirement B2.

For details see Regulations.

How to apply

Prospective students with German university entrance qualification or German citizenship apply directly via the application platform of the University of Osnabrück:

Please fill in the online application.

Applications must be sent in by July 15th (winter semester) or by January 15th (summer semester).

Prospective students who do not meet the criteria above (International students) apply via the service office ASSIST.

Please fill in the application form.

Applications must be sent in by June 15th (winter semester) or by December 15th (summer semester).

Important note: Please send your application to the address given in the application form. Students who do not have a Bachelor's degree in Cognitive Science are strongly encouraged to include in their application materials a CV and a statement explaining why they wish to change their previous field of study and obtain an MSc in Cognitive Science, and how their interests in Cognitive Science relate to their previous field of study and other competencies previously acquired. Please be as specific as possible. It is not required and we do not encourage you to include a picture of yourself in the CV.

The Master Program accepts students for the summer semester and for the winter semester. The application deadlines are listed above.

Concerning applications via ASSIST, we strongly recommend that you send your application as early as possible. Open questions can then be settled within the application period and before the deadline.

If you have questions about the application process itself contact the students' office. International students have to apply via UniAssist, questions concerning their process need to be taken up with them. The status of your application can usually be reviewed online, in doubt contact the students' office.