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Applicant Advisory

Potential and current applicants can contact various services to get information and advice.

Please check out the information on the website first:

If you have questions concerning your suitability or about details of the courses of study, you can contact

If you have questions about the application process itself contact the admissions office. Many international students have to apply via UniAssist, questions concerning their process need to be taken up with them. The status of your application can usually be review online, in doubt contact the admissions office.

Applicants can also contact if they have questions.

International Advisory

International Office

The International Office assists international students in a number of ways. They provide assistance with getting a visa, finding scholarships, a place to live and various administrative necessities.

Intercultural Mentoring

The IMOS provides mentoring and events for international students. The objective of this mentoring program is to get international students acclimated in Osnabrück and to foster intercultural understanding. 

Mentoring, Advisory for B.Sc. and M.Sc. Students

Student Mentoring

The Institute of Cognitive Science offers comprehensive mentoring services for its students, there is a mentoring program for the Bachelor and Master Program. Experienced students support freshmen and may connect to a university teacher who acts as mentor over the whole period of study, offering the student advice on all questions concerning his/her studies. The mentors especially help with study planning, optimising the academic experience and offer their support in navigating life at a university. Contact:

Student Advisory

The university additionally has a centralised student advisory service: Central Student Advisory

Advisors for the Bachelor Program

Linguistics and Computational Linguisticss. Computational Linguistics Group
Artificial IntelligenceKai-Uwe Kühnberger+49-541-969-3384
Philosophy and Philosophy of CognitionAchim Stephan+49-541-969-3359
Computer Science and NeuroinformaticsGordon Pipa+49-541-969-2277
MathematicsOliver Röndings+49-541-969-2659
NeurobiologyGunnar Jeserich+49-541-969-2880
Computer VisionGunther Heidemann+40-541-969-3371

Advisor for the Master Program

Achim Stephan, Tel: +49-541-969-3359

Advisor for the Doctorate Program

Gunther Heidemann, Tel.:+49-541-969-3371
Central Advisory for PhD-Students and PostDocs: ZePrOs

Contacting CogSci Students

Should you wish to contact the CogSci students, feel free to do so through the student organization (Fachschaft).

Additional University Advice and Support Services

Psychosocial Counselling

The "PBS-Psychosoziale Beratung" offers social and psychological counselling to all students. They also offer great workshops to help with anxiety before exams, pressure during thesis and many other study related problems.

Equal Protection Office

The "Gleichstellungsbüro" works towards creating an university experience with equal opportunities for everybody. Their support families and women in university in numerous ways and furthermore provide assistance in cases of discrimination.

BAföG Office

The Bafög Office assists students to get financial assistance by the german state.

Mentoring for Female Students

The MentUOS is directed at women to provide them with essential skills and knowledge to succeed in their career.