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Examination Office

The examination office is, amongst other things, responsible for the administration of your exam results, issuing certificates and registering your thesis. 

Before contacting the examination office directly, please check if your question is answered on our examination matters page! There, you will also find our contact details.

Cognitive Science Program Coordinator and Dean of Studies

In addition to the examination office and the Cognitive Science Mentoring Team, the program coordinator and dean of studies, Dr. Dr. Gregor Hörzer, is your contact person for questions regarding the programs of the teaching unit "Cognitive Science". 

The office hours take place on Mondays from 10-12 a.m. in room 50/E04 (right next to the examination office). To book an appointment, please register in Stud.IP for the course Consultation Hour Dean of Studies Cognitive Science and book an appointment via the tab "Terminvergabe". When booking an appointment, please briefly state which issue you would like to discuss at the appointment.

For office hours online, please request an appointment by email.

Examination Board

One of the examination board's responsibilities is to guarantee the conduction of examinations. You can find a list of the board members here. 

Mailing Lists

To keep up to date with what is happening at the institute, hear about opportunities for student jobs or participation in studies, and be updated on examination matters we highly recommend you to register for the Bachelor mailing list: 



Besides the student advisory service, there is also a mentoring program. Experienced students support freshmen and offer advice on all questions concerning their studies. Contact and information here.

Moreover, the beginning of the first year of study is accompanied by tutorials held by senior students under the guidance of the lecturer. This provides assistance to newcomers and promotes cooperation between students.

We especially encourage international students participating in the Master Program to act as tutors for first-year students to promote intercultural exchange.

The International Office helps and supports students from abroad in all matters of daily life.