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2nd Bi-Annual Workshop Osnabrück

Osnabrück, November 16 -18, 2017 
Organization: Achim Stephan and Sven Walter 

Institute of Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Mind and Cognition Group

We are pleased to announce the second workshop of the Experimental 
Philosophy Group Germany. It will take place at Osnabrück University, Germany, from Thursday, November 16 to Saturday, November 18, 2017. The workshop aims at providing a platform for exchanging ideas between researchers from philosophy, psychology, and the social sciences who work on topics of central importance to experimental philosophy, including, but not restricted to moral cognition, consciousness, free will, intentional action, epistemology, aesthetics, philosophy of language and concepts, or meta-philosophy.

Keynote Speakers:

Joshua Knobe (Yale)

Eddy Nahmias (Georgia State)
Shaun Nichols (University of Arizona)

James Beebe (Buffalo)


The program of the conference including abstracts can be found here:
Program and Abstracts