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22. January 2018 : Store, stream and share: 1 tool for all gaze data for #VisualAnalytics.

New publ.:
J. Schöning, C. Gundler, G. Heidemann, P. König & U. Krumnack
Visual analytics of gaze data with standard multimedia players
Journal of Eye Movement Research, 10(5) : 1-14, 2017

Eye-tracking data containing video stimuli, gaze trajectories, and other video-related data are usually stored in a diversity of formats. To visualize and analyze such data special software tools are needed, thus making it difficult for scientific exchange and effectively inaccessible for non-experts. Here we define an exchange format that can be interpreted by standard multimedia players and can be streamed via the Internet. It can carry the video stimuli, the gaze trajectories of multiple participants, and other video-related data.

We discuss the benefit of gaze data in a multimedia container and explain possible visual analytics approaches based on our implementations, converted datasets, and first user interviews.