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20. March 2020 : New publication on joint decision making and its collective benefit:

Baumgart KG, Byvshev P, Sliby AN, Strube A, König P and Wahn B (2019). Neurophysiological correlates of collective perceptual decision-making. EJN 00:1-21

Humans frequently perform tasks collaboratively in daily life. Collaborating with others may or may not result in higher task performance than if one were to complete the task alone (i.e., a collective benefit). A recent study on collective benefits in perceptual decision‐making showed that dyad members with similar individual performances attain collective benefit. However, little is known about the physiological basis of these results. Here, we replicate this earlier work and also investigate the neurophysiological correlates of decision‐making using EEG.

In summary, our results suggest that response‐ and feedback‐related components and potentials elicited by an error‐monitoring system may differentially integrate socially conflicting information exchanged during the joint decision‐making process. The current study serves as an initial exploratory step toward understanding the underlying mechanisms involved in dyadic interaction and exchange of information.