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21. July 2021 : New publication on ergonomic risk assessment in VR:

Vox JP, Weber A, Wolf KI, Izdebski K, Schüler T, König P, Wallhoff F and Friemert D (2021). An evaluation of motion trackers with virtual reality sensor technology in comparison to a marker-based motion capture system based on joint angles for ergonomic risk assessment. Sensors 21:3145

Measurement of body postures and kinematics in VR is a promising tool for ergonomic assessments. Here we compare an HTC Vive tracker combined with an inverse kinematic model (Final IK), to a marker-based optical motion capture system (Qualisys), that serves as the gold standard. The results show that commercial low-budget tracking systems have the potential to map joint angles, although substantial weaknesses and inaccuracies in some body regions must be taken into account.