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Guidelines for Student Theses

How do I write a scientific paper?

The Bachelor's thesis is the first real scientific paper (in English) for many students - and thus is a challenge. In order to gain an overview of how such a work in neurolinguistics should look like, we recommend our students to read the book (in German) "Bachelorarbeit in Psychologie" (Spaeth-Hilbert & Imhoff, 2013; available within the university under this link).

If you are looking for even more specific information about writing papers in English, please refer to Tim Skern's "Writing Scientific English" (Skern, 2011; available at the university under this link).

Nature Education has also created a portal for assisting in scientific writing and giving scientific presentations entitled "English Communication for Scientists". This portal can be found under this link.

Springer International Publishing AG also offers an instructional guide to scientific writing. The guide can be found under this link.

In addition, we would like to point out that the Institute of Cognitive Science regularly organizes an event on scientific work, which also deals with scientific writing. We also recommend the courses and advisory services of the Writing Workshop of the University of Osnabrück to develop the skills in scientific writing. "Schreibwerkstatt der Universität Osnabrück".

How far in advance should I begin thinking about a Bachelor's or Master's thesis?

If you are interested in writing a thesis in our research group, please contact us at least two months before the actual start of your work - in doing so, we have enough time together to specify the exact topic and set a realistic timetable for your work.

Can I bring my own ideas with me?

Of course! We will go through your idea together with you, check it for feasibility and proximity to our topics in order to be able to confirm whether we have a suitable mentor for you!