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Samuel H. Cosper

Research Focus:

Language Development, Early Childhood Language Acquisition, Word Learning, Semantics, Embodied Semantics, Embodied Cognition, Electroencephalography (EEG), Eye-Tracking


Since 06/2017           PhD Candidate at the Institute of Cognitive Science of the University of Osnabrück
Member of the Research Training Group "Situated Cognition"


Since 06/2017Doctoral Candidate for Neurolinguistics, University of Osnabrück, Topic of Dissertation: Perceptual Basis of Word Learning
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Jutta L. Mueller
10/2015-05/2017Master's Degree (M.A.) in Linguistics, University of Paderborn, Titel of the Master's Thesis:  Gaze Aversion and Verbal Behavior: Exploring and
Contrasting a Phenomenon of Cognitive Load Regulation and Syntactic Categories of Co-Occurring Words in Negative Priming and Lying Contexts.
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Katharina J. Rohlfing
04/2014-07/2015Bachelor's Degree (B.A.) in Linguistics, University of Paderborn.
08/2009-12/2013Bachelor's Degree (B.A.) in German, Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, Georgia, USA.


List of Publications