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Study with ERASMUS+ within Europe via Cogsci partner universities

ERASMUS+ Cogsci Application procedure

An online application is required for an application in the academic year 2023/24. Fill it out and send it off, it will then be made available to you as a pdf file.

The following documents must be submitted by snail mail or handed in at the office xx.xx.2023:

    Pdf file of the online application
    Letter of motivation
    (1st - 4th desired university must be described; 1/2 to 3/4 page per university),
    German or English
    Summary sheet with photo (if possible)

When filling out the online application, you will be asked for various documents such as a learning agreement, a transcript, etc. You do not need these documents for the application in Cognitive Science.

You do not need a language certificate for English at this stage, as you are applying to the Institute of Cognitive Science. Please mention your language skills in other languages or when you will take your exam in the motivation letter. You have to present your language certificates at the latest when you register at the partner university (between April and June for the WS or between September and November for the SoSe).
Letter of motivation

In the letter of motivation, you should explain the academic and private reasons why you have chosen the university you have. Justify your choice carefully! The letter of motivation is the decisive criterion for the committee for the nomination.

If you have applied for several universities (up to 4), a letter of motivation (or an overall letter in which you present the motivation for each of your desired universities) is required for each ERASMUS application. Means: Do not only mention your first wish! Pay attention to spelling mistakes. Approximately half to three quarters of a page per university.

External applications for ERASMUS+ places in other departments are possible. Please contact us beforehand.

Please also note that the application procedure at the Institute of Cognitive Science (it is simplified) differs from the procedures of the other departments at Osnabrück University. Therefore, please take the information from these pages first or just ask us here if you are unsure.

Click here for a sample letter of motivation

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Number of universities

You can name up to 4 universities, the one you favor should be at the top. If your choice includes universities that are not part of the ERASMUS+ program, please list them as well (this means: you can name up to 4 ERASMUS+ universities and up to 2 applications within the university partnership program), i.e. max. 6 requests!) If necessary, you will have to open a second online application.

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Application deadline

Applications must be submitted at the beginning of each year (usually a the end of January) for the upcoming academic year (study abroad winter semester 2023/2024 or summer semester 2024).

Important: There is only one application deadline for stays abroad in the winter or summer semester. If you plan your stay abroad only for the 6th semester, you must apply already in January.

Submission of documents: via snail mail until (xx.xx.xx):
Osnabrück University
Petra Dießel (50/E19)
Wachsbleiche 27
49090 Osnabrück

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Selection criteria

In the week following the deadline, the subject coordinators, the ERASMUS coordinator and a student council member will jointly determine the nomination.

The letter of motivation plays a major role in this process. If there are more applicants for a partner university than there are places available, the letter of motivation plays a big part in deciding who will be nominated. You will be notified promptly by e-mail, usually within the same week, for which place you have been nominated.

The ERASMUS officers make every effort to grant each serious application one of the maximum four requests. However, due to the large number of applications and the limited number of places, this will not always be possible. In this case, you will be notified by e-mail that your application was unsuccessful, informed which universities still have places available, and asked to submit a corresponding application if necessary.

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Acceptance/return of the study place

IMPORTANT: Please inform us immediately by email if you do not accept the place you have been offered (e.g. because your application for a partner university was successful or you have decided to do an internship).

If you continue to occupy a place that you will not take up, you will deprive your fellow students of the opportunity to move up to this place and thus prevent them from being able to organize their semester abroad according to their wishes as much as you do.

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ERASMUS+ reports


In order to get an impression of a possible partner university, it is possible to ask for various reports in the Mobility office by email. Often these reports contain information about courses, accommodation, travel, etc., which is very helpful for your preparations.

After returning home, participants of the ERASMUS+ program have to write a report about their stay abroad. The report has to be handed in at the International Office. Please also send a version to the Cogsci Mobility Office.

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