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Programme of Study

The Cognitive Science PhD Programme leads to a PhD in Cognitive Science within three years. It includes the following components:

  1. Interdisciplinary research seminars on topics from the core area of Cognitive Science. These seminars are usually taught jointly by two professors from different Cognitive Science sub-disciplines. At least three such seminars must be attended by the candidates in the course of their studies.
  2. Specific subject area courses providing specialized knowledge relevant to the individual dissertation topic. These courses are intended to provide indepth expertise. At the beginning of the doctorate studies the dissertation supervisor will decide on at least two such courses.
  3. A weekly doctorate research colloquium in which the candidates present and discuss their ongoing work. Participation is compulsory for all programme participants.
  4. Guest lectures on topics relevant for all Cognitive Science PhD students (usually 1-2 days block seminars).
  5. A publication seminar on how to prepare a presentation, how to write a paper or review, and how to publish research results.
  6. Co-teaching a seminar in the Master programme which is subject-related to the individual dissertation project; alternatively, co-advising a subject-related Bachelor or Master thesis.
  7. Reading groups set up by the programme participants in which current publications relevant to the programme area are discussed, resulting in review articles. Each candidate is required to participate in the writing of at least two such review articles.
  8. Soft skills courses which provide training on presentation and communication skills, project management, etc. It is mandatory to participate in at least two of these courses
  9. A 4-6 weeks assignment abroad.
  10. A written evaluation report after 10 months. Positive evaluation is prerequisite for the extension of scholarships in the second and third year.
  11. Presentation of the core of the thesis in the symposium of the PhD programme after two years.

Recommended schedule

Term Curricular activity
1 research seminar (1)
specific subject area course (1)
guest lecture / soft skills course (1)
doctorate colloquium
2 specific subject area course (2)
publication seminar
reading group (1)
doctorate colloquium
evaluation report
3 research seminar (2)
co-teaching a seminar
reading group (2)
doctorate colloquium
assignment abroad
4 research seminar (3)
guest lecture / soft skills course (2)
doctorate colloquium
presentation of the core of the thesis
5 doctorate colloquium
6 doctorate colloquium