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Operating Procedures During the Covid-19 Pandemic

All information on this page is non-binding given the dynamics of the current situation. Please always pay attention to current announcements! [Latest Update of this page: 16.12.2020 9:30]

Here is a collection of frequently asked questions concerning examination matters that have come up due to the Covid19 pandemic. The list will be updated regularly when new questions arise.

First of all, please have a look if your question is answered at the official university information site.

We want to keep this list as precise as possible and will therefore limit ourselves to questions directly related to the cognitive science degree programs.


I was registered for a now cancelled exam in OPIUM/EXA. Do I have to deregister from OPIUM/EXA or contact the Examination Office now?

No, leave your online registrations as they are for now. The deregistration from cancelled exams will be done by the respective examinations office, but this might take a while.

Is my exam really cancelled?

If the exam date is between March 17, 2020 and April 19, 2020, the exam date is canceled in the standard case. Please also pay attention to information from the university management or on the university website, as well as information from your examiner. It has not yet been decided how to handle exams after April 19, 2020. It cannot be ruled out that exams cannot take place beyond April 19, 2020. Please pay attention to announcements!

When can I retake the cancelled exams?

This is not yet known and depends on the development of the situation. As soon as the opportunity for exams is given the lecturers will set new exam dates and announce them according to the usual scheme. Please pay attention to corresponding announcements!

Do I have to register again if a retake exam is scheduled?

Most likely yes, the exams will probably be announced and have an open registration period as usual.

How are oral examinations handled?

There have been made changes to the examination regulation allowing for oral examinations to take place digitally. Please see the description and all necessary documents on this page and get in contact with the Examinations Office if you want to register an oral exam.

Bachelor or Master Thesis

How do I register a thesis right now?

Documents for the thesis registration have to be send via post, please follow these steps carefully:
- Scan in your Scheine for safekeeping reasons, so you always have them digitally available
- Put all documents needed for thesis registration in a single envelope (list of required documents needed can be found here (BSc) and here (MSc))
- The form that needs to be signed by your supervisor (specifically page 3 of the respective document) can be send to the supervisor via email, who will then sign it and forward it to the Examinations Office
- Then: send everything (in the original as well as copies where required) via post to the Examinations Office (address can be found below) or bring it to the Wachsbleiche (you can hand in documents via the window to the examinations office in the parking lot in the back.

I have to hand in my thesis. Where and how should I do this?

Please adhere to your deadlines. Send a pdf document per mail to both of your supervisors as well as to the Examinations Office. The receipt of the mail has to be within the deadline. Additionally, (if your supervisor has not explicitly requested another) submit ONE hardcopy of the thesis by post to

Prüfungsamt IKW (50/E05)
Universität Osnabrück
49069 Osnabrück

Include a signed affidavit as a separate letter confirming that the paper form submitted is identical to the electronic PDF form previously submitted.

I cannot hand in my thesis on time because I rely on data that cannot be collected in the current situation. What should I do?

Talk to your supervisor and, if possible, propose a well-thought-out and practicable content adjustment. If the need for an extended deadline arises from this discussion, please submit an application to the responsible examination board before the deadline (submission to the Examinations Office).


How am I going to get my diploma?

As soon as your graduation certificates are ready, you will receive a mail from the Examinations Office requesting you to send your current postal address (be sure that at least your surname is on the mail box). The certificate will then be sent to you as soon as possible.

BAföG-Form 5

Please fill out the upper section of the form as far as possible and let the examinations office know, for which semester you need the confirmation. Please send the form and an updated transcript of records and your current matriculation certificate to the Examinations Office.

Visa Applications for International Students

Please send a current transcript of records (including courses that are not yet graded or will be completed in the coming semester), the filled out checklist and a current matriculation certificate to the Examinations Office.


For any kind of study-related consultation, please contact either the mentoring team ( or the dean of studies.

If your questions could not be answered by this list, the university list or the mentoring team/the degree program coordinator, you can reach the Examinations Office via mail ( or by telephone from Monday to Thursday from 10:00-11:00 a.m. (0541-969-3363).